7 Quick Takes: New Year

4 01 2013


I was going to post this in the morning.  Oh well.  So much to do, so little time, such divided attention I have!  My brain is admittedly focused on all the things I WANT to do today, rather than on the things I said I would do, or the things I am responsible for.  Never before in my life has there been such a gulf between what I am doing and what I want to be doing.

When I think about it, really, for most of my life I had what I wanted.  I didn’t particularly LIKE high school, but I weathered it well.  I was involved with activities that filled me with purpose, joy and strength.  I met and fell head over heels for the guy I am dating now.  And not to brag, but I was killing it in the classroom.   Even at Notre Dame, battling mono, I still felt like I was on top of the world most of the time.  At the very least, I felt like I was living my life the best I could, and that my life was better than it had ever been.  I felt loved, and stressed as I was (like ALL THE TIME), I felt strong.  In truth, maybe that stress MADE me feel strong.  I felt like I was doing something and moving forward.


I’m going to cut that last take off before it gets too serious and gloomy.  It deserves a real post of its own, especially if I really address the angst I am attempting to overcome and the hope I feel at the prospect (Post for over the weekend?  We’ll see.).  In the meantime, here are my new year’s resolutions.

  • A post a day!  Well… two posts a day, technically.  One here on the blog, and one postcard in the mail.  Subscribe here to keep up to date on the blog posts and send me word if you want to receive some snail mail.   I’m going to reevaluate the postcards after the first 100, so we’ll see if that stays.
  • Getting rid of at least half my wardrobe.  Not sure what the timeline on that will be, but I expect it to finish up in early Lent.
  • Working out every day.  I am running a marathon relay in May and I joined Jazzercise.  So I have multiple options.


In case any of those resolutions seem impressive, please understand that I’m failing at all of them.  As of right now, I haven’t even done laundry, let alone sorted through any clothing since the new year.  I also have not worked out once, or written a single postcard or a Christmas thank you note.  At least I have you, WordPress.  I operate on a soft start model when it comes to resolutions.  And pretty much life in general.


I start daydreaming a lot at the new year.  I am considering a career change and/or a physical relocation.  I would love to hear what people think I should do with my life and what skills haven’t rusted over.  As for location… Pittsburgh and Detroit/Ann Arbor, feel free to start fighting for me.  Shall I live by a lake or a river?


I have been discovering some wonderful music recently.  This week, I am grooving to Dala, a Canadian folk duo who sing beautiful harmonies.  I recommend “Northern Lights,” “Don’t Believe the Actress,” and current favorite “Alive”.

Yes, they are very Canadian.


Here is a picture from New Year’s Eve!

Flowers for the win!

We went to a party with an Old Las Vegas theme. Note the corsage he gave me.


Notre Dame football plays for the National Championship on Monday, and I have no idea how to handle it.  I want to scream from the rooftops and play the fight song on repeat and get into Twitter wars with Alabama people.

I’m also very hesitant, because hopeful though I am, I’ve been hurt before.  My beloved Irish are technically the underdogs, despite the undefeated season and top ranking.  I don’t want to build my excitement up, because I have a 6 hour car ride with my boyfriend the morning after the game.  That will go a lot smoother if I’m not sulking.

So let’s just watch this understated video to get in the mood.

…but let’s also pray that both Notre Dame and Green Bay win their games so that peace may reign on the road trip.



PS-  Please keep Jen Fulwiler, the Quick Takes host in your prayers as she recovers from bilateral pulmonary embolisms.  And see all of the Quick Takes over at Hallie Lord’s place this week.




2 responses

4 01 2013

Three votes for Michigan!!! 🙂

4 01 2013

Happy to see you blogging again. I also vote for Michigan!

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